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How does VITAPLUS Benecol® work?

Plant stanols reduce the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract and this leads to a reduction in LDL cholesterol. The unique plant stanols of VITAPLUS Benecol® partially block cholesterol from getting into your bloodstream – both the cholesterol entering the digestive tract with the bile solution and the cholesterol found in your food.

Where does the plant stanol ester come from?

Plant stanols are a group of compounds found naturally in plant cells. Small quantities are found in the diet from plant-based foods. However, plant stanols are added in sufficient amounts to VITAPLUS Benecol® products to effectively lower cholesterol. Combining plant stanols with vegetable oil fatty acids creates plant stanol ester, which is an ideal ingredient in a wide variety of food products. Plant stanol ester is commercially produced in Raisio, Finland.

Does VITAPLUS Benecol® have clinical studies/proof that it works?

Yes, there are more than 80 independent clinical studies published in scientific peer-review papers that show that plant stanol ester – the active ingredient in VITAPLUS Benecol® – can reduce cholesterol.

How will I know that VITAPLUS Benecol®/plant stanol esters work on me?

Your cholesterol levels drop within 2-3 weeks by 7 - 10% after starting the daily intake of at least 2g plant stanols with meals. The daily dose of plant stanol that you get from VITAPLUS Benecol® products is 2g. Regular cholesterol tests will show that the plant stanol ester is working.

How should I consume VITAPLUS Benecol®?

1 bottle of VITAPLUS Benecol® should be consumed daily with a meal. VITAPLUS Benecol® needs to be consumed with a meal to help block cholesterol from entering the blood stream.

Do I need to drink VITAPLUS Benecol® every day?

Yes. You should consume it every day with meals for optimal cholesterol lowering. The health benefit from cholesterol lowering is only achieved by keeping the cholesterol levels lowered. This can be achieved by using VITAPLUS Benecol® daily.

The cholesterol-lowering effect of plant stanol ester is based on the reduction in the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract. This "cholesterol blocking" effect requires plant stanols to be present in the gut and therefore VITAPLUS Benecol® products should be consumed daily with a meal for best cholesterol-lowering effects.

Can I consume VITAPLUS Benecol® on an empty stomach?

VITAPLUS Benecol® should be consumed consumed daily with a meal to achieve expected cholesterol lowering effects.

Can I take VITAPLUS Benecol® with my daily cereal/ oatmeal?

Yes, VITAPLUS Benecol® goes great with cereal/oatmeal.

Can I consume more than 1 bottle of VITAPLUS Benecol® a day?

It is recommended to consume 1 bottle a day. One bottle of VITAPLUS Benecol® delivers 2g plant stanols that on average reduce LDL cholesterol by 7-10% in 2-3 weeks when consumed with a meal. Clinical studies show that a daily intake of up to 9g of plant stanols is as safe as consuming the currently recommended amount of 2g plant stanols per day.

Will I be addicted to VITAPLUS Benecol® if I drink it everyday? Can I stop taking it once after my cholesterol level has come down to healthy level?

Plant stanol ester is not addictive but in order to keep the blood cholesterol at a healthy level the products should continue to be consumed on a daily basis.

What happens if I stop consuming VITAPLUS Benecol®?

Your cholesterol will return to the levels where they were before you started consuming VITAPLUS Benecol®

Is there any long-term safety and efficacy data available for VITAPLUS Benecol® products?

Yes, Benecol® products with added plant stanols have a history of safe use in man since 1995. Furthermore, 12- and 18-month clinical studies have shown the long-term effect of plant stanol ester. Specific safety studies with plant stanol ester confirm the safety of this ingredient.

Furthermore, plant stanols are virtually not absorbed into the body but are excreted rapidly in their intact, unchanged form, which is why they do not have any other effects in the body other than cholesterol lowering.

I am on cholesterol lowering medication like statin, can I consume VITAPLUS Benecol®?

Several clinical studies show that people on statin medication benefit from using plant stanols found in VITAPLUS Benecol® products. The mechanism of action of statin drugs and plant stanols are different and therefore an additive cholesterol lowering effect can be expected. Thus, one VITAPLUS Benecol® bottle a day consumed as part of a meal is expected to reduce LDL cholesterol by in subjects using statins. If still unsure, please seek advice from your doctor.

Can I stop taking statins since I am on VITAPLUS Benecol®?

VITAPLUS Benecol® is a dietary mean to lower cholesterol and the effect is additive to that of statins. Stopping the statin use should only be considered based on advice from your doctor.

I have diabetes, can I consume VITAPLUS Benecol®?

Based on clinical studies, plant stanols are safe for use and can effectively lower cholesterol for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. However, patients using multiple drugs to treat their condition should consult their doctor.

I have high blood pressure, can I consume VITAPLUS Benecol®?

Based on clinical studies, plant stanols are safe for use and can effectively lower cholesterol for patients with high blood pressure. If still unsure, please seek advice from your doctor.

I am on medication for other existing health conditions not mentioned above, can I still consume VITAPLUS Benecol®?

While we have seen no drug interactions in the clinical studies executed with plant stanol ester, we recommend that you seek advice from your doctor first.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I consume VITAPLUS Benecol®?

No, the product may not be nutritionally appropriate for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

My child accidentally drank VITAPLUS Benecol®, is it safe for a child to consume?

Occasional use by children over 5 is not harmful. However, it may not be nutritionally appropriate children under 5 years old.

Does VITAPLUS Benecol® have added sugar?

VITAPLUS Benecol® products contain naturally occurring sugar from the juice and does not have any added sugar.

Is VITAPLUS Benecol® Dairy Free ?

Yes, VITAPLUS Benecol® Orange and VITAPLUS Benecol® Strawberry are both dairy free.

I am vegetarian, can I take this product?

Only VITAPLUS Benecol® Orange is suitable for vegetarians & vegans to consume.

How should I store VITAPLUS Benecol®?

It should be stored in the fridge at 2-5 degrees Celsius. Do not freeze the product.

Why is the shelf life so short? Is there something wrong with the product?

VITAPLUS Benecol® is free of preservatives hence the shorter shelf life.

How can I know if my cholesterol level is too high?

High cholesterol is not visible or something you could feel. The best and most accurate way to check your cholesterol levels is to visit your doctor for a blood cholesterol test.

What is the recommended levels for LDL, HDL, and total cholesterol in Singapore?

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